Annual General Meeting (AGM) Support

Your AGM is the cornerstone of the corporate calendar. It’s an opportunity for the board to share progress during the year and provide an update on future plans.

Having support to manage the many details involved in putting on an AGM is essential for ensuring its success. It can help to increase shareholder engagement, streamline communication and ensure the messages conveyed are clear and consistent. 

Support for your AGM can lead to better strategic decision making, more open dialogue with your stakeholders and shareholders, and improved corporate governance.

Our expertise

We have over 150 years of expertise in running AGMs, and have managed over 100 in our time. 


Our experience has prepared us for challenging times, and we are adept in navigating through difficult situations such as significant drops in profitability and unpopular changes in policy. 


We also have experience managing disruptive AGMs with protesters and disruptors, as well as dealing with the media attention that often follows these events. 


We believe our skill set makes us one of the most experienced teams available when it comes to AGMs.

Our AGM Support Team.

Our Services

We provide a full suite of AGM services from advice over the phone, to full end-to-end outsourcing of the event.

Our team will help your board and governance team draft a suitable Notice of Meeting and coordinate the arrangements onsite. We can also project manage hybrid, in-person and virtual AGMs for organisations across different sectors and time zones; from handling preparatory tasks such as arranging venues to briefing Chairs and fielding questions from stakeholders.


Above all, we ensure that the AGM enhances your reputation and is handled in a professional manner.

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