Our client, a listed property developer, wanted to have comfort that they were applying the UK Corporate Governance Code effectively. They were already reflecting, through their annual reporting, that the Code was being applied and wanted external validation to support this statement.

We conducted a full audit of their reporting against the Code requirements including a review of documentation and discussed the same with various internal parties to verify the strength of their statements.

They received a comprehensive RAG (red, amber, green) rated report that their Company Secretarial/Governance Team could use to strengthen their reporting further and enhance their governance. We identified areas in their existing reporting where, based on existing practises, they were already doing more than they disclosed.

Our client, the Director of Business Transformation and Company Secretary, was delighted that our verification confirmed their existing processes and procedures were well embedded, that their governance arrangements were appropriately articulated and that there were fuller disclosures they could make based on practises they forgot they were doing.

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