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your extended workbench

Our solutions create value for your organisation with a human-centric approach to your governance framework.

Our solutions create value for your organisation with a human-centric approach to your governance framework.

We provide

a framework to support the decision-making process thereby protecting the directors and enabling your company to deliver on its strategic direction.

We work with you to provide a big picture perspective and proven formulas that improve the quality of decisions, helping industries of all shapes and sizes increase profits, retain employees and improve the general operation of their organisation.

  • Governance framework development
  • Governance health check
  • Cosec-on-Demand
  • AGM and annual reporting
  • Board pack efficiency
  • Code benchmarking
  • Corporate reporting
  • Board evaluation
  • ESG & B Corp
  • Listing, delisting and transactions
  • Governance transformation
  • Legal and regulatory changes
  • Risk management and reporting
  • Subsidiary governance

Allow us to empower you to do the things you are good at

Our in-house experts can help you with staff shortages, planning for new regulations and policies and even reviewing your organisational chart and much more.

We excel in strategic workforce planning, identifying and filling staffing gaps with the right talent, ensuring compliance with changing policies and regulations, and conducting comprehensive organisational reviews to optimise efficiency and performance. With our deep industry knowledge, experienced consultants, and proven methodologies, we can provide you with actionable insights and recommendations to overcome these challenges and drive sustainable growth. Partnering with us will empower your organisation to adapt to the evolving business landscape with confidence and achieve long-term success.

From ensuring your organisation has a robust and tailored framework in place to guide decision-making to ensuring compliance with a health check of your exisiting governance practices against improved ways of working, our in-house experts have the experience to provide a non-threatening guiding hand.

Our AGM and annual reporting service coupled with our board pack efficiency service enhances communication and decision making freeing you up to make informed decisions.

Our team can help you benchmark your governance code compliance against competitors and industry standards ensuring you are top of class.

Do you need help with interim CoSec support – our on-demand team of ex-in-house consultants are here to help

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