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Investors pay close attention to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations when evaluating their potential investments, as do many employees when they apply for a job.


The ‘G’ in ESG is for Governance, and with this, includes everything from leadership practices to culture, and executive compensation to risk mitigation – all integral parts for ensuring sustained organisational performance and the building of a trusted, sustainable brand.


Businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and ethics with B Corp certification. By reshaping the organisation’s corporate governance structure into one that values all stakeholders, B-Corps can kick start good stakeholder governance – making them both commercially successful and socially and ethically conscious.

Our expertise

With decades of expertise in corporate governance, our team is committed to helping your organisation reach the next level. Our credentials are exemplified by our own B-Corp accreditation and in winning the B-Corp ‘Best in Governance’ award in 2021 and 2022 putting us in the top 5% of B-Corps in the governance field.

Let us help you create an enhanced governance framework that will stand up to investor and stakeholder scrutiny and win you B-corp status at the same time.

Our ESG & B-Corp Team.

Our Services

Our team is ready to provide you with the necessary support to upgrade your ESG strategy with improved governance.

We provide a full suite of governance advice and support including drafting your ESG report, enhancing ESG reporting to the board and establishing an ESG board or management committee.

Our experts can even help make sure you meet every requirement to gain your B-Corp accreditation.

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ESG – navigating the wash

ESG – navigating the wash

If given the choice between doing a positive action for the environment or one which is hugely detrimental, most of us

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