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ESG is not a marketing exercise and is increasingly becoming a reporting requirement, Boards will look to their Company Secretary and ask “where do we start?”

ESG is not a marketing exercise and is increasingly becoming a reporting requirement, Boards will look to their Company Secretary and ask “where do we start?”

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Investors are increasingly aware that a factor in any company’s performance is its approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters. Ensuring that you have the right governance in place ensures that environmental and social strategies can be deployed.

G is the system of rules, practices and processes used by a company to ensure that it is managed in an effective, ethical and transparent manner.

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We can develop an ESG framework that would cover the following:

  • Transparency – relates to what stakeholders need to be made aware of. We can help with what is required to report to your stakeholders under the Companies Act, UK Corporate Governance Code and the Disclosure and Transparency rules in your annual reports.

  • Accountability – relates to the performance of a company and its board. We are able to carry out a board effectiveness review which will result in whether board is performing or where improvements can be made. We can work with boards to ensure agendas include the matters related to ESG.

  • Independence – relates to how a company is operating in an independent and responsible manner. We can carry out a skills assessment of the board to see if there are any gaps, make recommendations as to the composition of a board, such as having independent directors and having a diverse board to improve decision making, and stakeholder mapping to ensure the right engagement with stakeholders.

  • Ethical behaviour – relates to the culture within a company and what standards are expected of the board and its employees. We can assist in ensuring that the board or a committee has proper oversight and we can design policies for adoption such as anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption, whistleblowing and Modern Slavery policies, and mechanism

Our specialised knowledge, in a real-life situation

Our client, a financial services company, was providing ESG focused investment funds and felt that as a business they should be demonstrating the same standards as the funds they managed.

They approached us a pragmatic, commercially focussed partner; they couldn’t get this wrong.

We consulted with them, provided advice and guidance on current practices in their industry and what we would recommend. We drafter the documentation, discussed how best to launch the committees with the board and workforce to ensure the strongest buy-in.

Our client, the Global General Counsel and Company Secretary, was impressed with our ability to make the board’s decision to introduce both a board and management ESG committee both simple and stress-free. The Board of Directors were thrilled with the outcome as it bolstered their ESG strategy and through some modifications we made their exisitnig governance structure they were pleased with the resultant reduction in total annual meeting duration despite adding another board committee.

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Andrew Harvery-Wrate FCG

Governance Director
Beyond Governance

Andrew has over 35+ years experience in Corporate Governance having held roles in various listed companies.Prior to joining Beyond Governance...

Victoria Garvin FCG

Governance Director
Beyond Governance

Victoria is a dynamic and versatile Governance Professional with over 20 years’ experience, primarily within the highly regulated financial services sector.

“We made the decision to obtain B-Corporation status and contacted Beyond Governance to get advice on the legal amendments required to the articles of association and governance requirements. They were prompt, professional and friendly. The changes went through smoothly and we will not hesitate to use Beyond Governance in the future or recommend them to anyone”

Environment and Sustainability Officer of 10 years

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