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Transform your governance with ex-in-house peers, gain support through external validation, create more time with an extra pair of hands, independently assess team performance and upskill team technical and soft skills.

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AGM Support

The Annual General Meeting with your owners, is mandatory for most organisations and stands as an opportunity to demonstrate transparency and good corporate governance.

Board Evaluation

Leadership set the tone and timbre which then permeates throughout the organisation. The governance framework acts as the blueprint for implementation.

Board Pack Efficiency

Board packs can become very cumbersome over time and a Director’s capacity is often limited and reviewing countless pages of peripheral material is not a good use of their time.

Coaching & Training

Our highly skilled team have acquired a wealth of knowledge over extensive careers, and are passionate about passing on their expertise and developing the next generation of senior professionals.

Code Benchmarking

The positive impact of good governance on performance, integrity and efficiency has led to governance codes for most specialist sectors in the UK.

Corporate Reporting

With reporting expectations growing year-on-year and investors demanding more. A clear investment case which includes a governance underpin is more important now than ever.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and investing is gathering increased momentum. ESG is the umbrella term for often purpose led, sustainable and responsible organisations.

Governance Framework

The long-term performance and success of an organisation is a direct result of its approach to leadership, management, and the culture; it’s people. The methodology under which these principles and rules exists, and are sculpted, is corporate governance.

Governance Health Check

Our business health check analyses the governance framework of an organisation to ensure it is robust, effective and efficient. No stone is left unturned.

Governance Projects

Whether you want to grow your business, secure investment, AIM/FTSE list or completely restructure; we provide the level of support your board and management team need, to ensure the right decisions are made at the right time.

Interim CoSec Support

There are c.10,000 qualified company secretaries in the UK, the demand outweighs the supply. At the time of writing we are facing economic uncertainty and unprecedent upheaval in the labour force.

Subsidiary Transformation

Subsidiaries can support expansion into new countries and markets and set the company up for future asset or business divestments without affecting the overall group.

News & Articles

Company Secretary Sitting At Laptop

A Day In The Life Of A Company Secretary

The role of the Company Secretary is that of a governance professional who is responsible for organising effective meetings, ensuring information flows securely and that


Reviewing your Articles of Association

The articles of association (“Articles”) are the governing rule book of the Company. A regular review of your company’s Articles ensures that they contain the


What our clients say about us

Edwina Blackford
Edwina Blackford
Governance Director, Ruffer LLP
Read More
* 97% of Group Company Secretaries report more effective governance teamsWe have worked with Beyond Governance for the past year. The team quickly ascertained our needs and worked effectively...
Laura Slack
Laura Slack
Environment and Sustainability Agent
Read More
* 94.4% would recommend us to their peers Honeywell Biscuit Co has always been environmentally and socially conscious, but we made the decision to take this further and to…
Tim Parfitt
Tim Parfitt
CEO of Netcel Limited.
Read More
* 88.8% client retention after Governance Gap Analysis. Beyond Governance works with efficiency and commercial pragmatism to channel their experience to assist Netcel...
Company Secretary
FTSE 250 Investment Management Firm
Read More
* 95% of listed companies reduced their board packs by more than 150 pages working with us Beyond Governance has brought a fresh way of thinking and lots of new design ideas to our annual report process..
Jason Bullock
Jason Bullock
CEO of Numerous Limited
Read More
* 93.8% of business owners felt they gained greater control over their business, process and delegation of authority We invited Beyond Governance in to carry out a governance review and learnt a lot from the experience. We now understand the next level..
Charly Young
Charly Young
CEO, The Girls' Network
Read More
* 80.0% of charity boards felt we made a significant contribution to their efficiency and effective. Beyond Governance have provided vital support in reviewing and developing policy documents and governance practices helping us to ensure that the charity is running ..
Company Secretary
FTSE 250 Investment Management Firm
Read More
* 82.5% of Company Secretaries said they benefited from our cross-sector insights. Beyond Governance has brought a fresh way of thinking and lots of new design ideas to our annual report process which I have found incredibly helpful.
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