Principle 8 of the QCA code has changed – now what?

You now need to contingency plan for the absence of key staff – there is an easy way!

How do we help? We can work with you to develop, operate and maintain a business continuity plan for corporate governance – we will test your plan annually, and even help you prepare for, and attend a board / committee / subsidiary meeting.

We all know sometimes life just happens - adding us to your risk register - allows us to step in at short notice and just help. 

We are not a law firm or a member of the Big 4, even though our team have worked at both, so that means we won’t charge you like one. We are sure you will be surprised at how little it costs to stop those sleepless nights around reporting season. Plus, we are outside IR35, so it comes out of your CoSec budget and doesn’t affect headcount – so you know Finance and HR will be happy.

Our team are not fee earners – we won’t book excessive hours, we won’t change our quote or ask for a bigger budget. We join your team, do the work in the agreed time frame, and leave you to get on with the more pressing issues.

The reasons for a robust business continuity plan:

Risk Mitigation and Compliance:

A comprehensive business continuity plan is essential for mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. In today’s dynamic business environment, unforeseen events such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or global pandemics can significantly disrupt operations. By having a well-thought-out business continuity plan, the company demonstrates its commitment to managing risks proactively and aligning with regulatory expectations. This not only protects the interests of stakeholders but also safeguards the reputation and integrity of the organisation.

Stakeholder Confidence and Reputation Management:

Stakeholders, including investors, customers, and employees, place a premium on stability and reliability. A robust business continuity plan instills confidence among stakeholders that the company is prepared to navigate challenges and continue its operations even in adverse conditions. This confidence is crucial for maintaining a positive corporate reputation. In times of crisis, the ability to communicate a well-executed business continuity strategy can mitigate reputational damage and enhance the perception of the company’s commitment to governance excellence.

Preservation of Stakeholder Value:

Business continuity planning is intrinsically linked to the preservation of stakeholder value and your reputation. In the event of a disruptive incident, the company’s ability to recover quickly and maintain operations ensures continuity in stakeholder and reputational value. A resilient business continuity plan safeguards against financial losses and reinforces the long-term value proposition of the company.

Bonus consideration, time:

Lean teams need not plan their lives and leave around board schedules.

Do you need support on an upcoming project? Or perhaps you have an unexpected gap in your team that needs filling?

Cosec-on-demand can help.

You don’t need to worry about headcount or payroll. Our team falls OUTSIDE of IR35.

Our team, our headcount, our payroll - Your project

Our payroll

Our team support you outside of IR35. They are not part of your headcount or your payroll. We manage that, they just plug and play into your existing team.

We don’t take a percentage fee – this is not a recruitment proposition. Our team work on a project-by-project basis, and our fees are project based.

We do not charge on a hourly rate like a law firm, we charge to get the job done. Ask for a quote, or talk to a member of our team, you will be surprised how reasonable our fees are.


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