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2020 has been challenging for everyone with threats to lives and livelihoods. Business leaders have had to adapt, pivot and remain resilient though it all. Businesses have been on a journey from crisis management to change management, and although the end is in sight it is not over yet. Governance remains the hallmark of a well-run organisation but for many it continues to be an untapped opportunity.

Many of the challenges COVID-19 brought were governance related. Some organisations saw pressure put on their existing governance structures and processes while others quickly built temporary structures to get them through. Some approaches will have worked well and others less so. A critical challenge for companies in the post crisis era will be rebuilding and strengthening their organisations with deeper governance foundations that are appropriate and proportionate to the goals and ambitions of their business.

This year we’ve enjoyed many positive conversations with our clients uplifting their governance. We understand what good governance looks like and they trust us to deliver. They know we’re not afraid to constructively challenge if their governance ideas won’t support their ambitions and they respect us for that. We know that what works for one won’t necessarily work for all so we give a variety of options. We believe it’s not about having more, it’s about working differently!

To help your organisation plan its governance agenda for next year we have put together our thoughts on the 5 key governance trends for 2021. Additionally, we’ve created a very special bonus for you, a FREE e-book with tips and tricks on how to implement each of the governance trends for 2021 find out how to get your copy below!

If you need help on your governance journey be that an extra pair of hands or fully outsourced support and implementation, we look forward to hearing from you.

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