Do you need help with rationalisation of your subsidiary companies?

We can help make your governance structure more efficient.

We have decades of financial services experience in our team. We understand the regulatory landscape in financial services, and understand the team dynamics. 

CoSec support - now on-demand

Our team is outside IR35 - We can start when you need us - no ramp up - no headcount addition.

We can help you with your subsidiary rationalisation, our team can help you by:

  • Establishing a timeline for each transaction
  • Execution of reduction of share capital
  • Distribution in specie
  • Payment of dividends
  • Issuance of shares
  • Transactional movements of subsidiaries within group
  • Offsetting (where possible) and repayment of intracompany loans.
  • Overseas jurisdictions 
  • Handling of conflicts of interest – management and documentation of appropriate clearances.
  • Termination of legacy contracts, cancellation of registrations (such as ICO)
  • Transferring of director indemnities

Our team are not fee earners – we won’t book excessive hours, we won’t change our quote or ask for a bigger budget. We join your team, do the work in the agreed time frame, and leave you to get on with the more pressing issues.  

With a recent FTSE listed financial services company, we came in GBP 200,000 under our competitors quote of additional work – and in the agreed time line.

Do you need support on an upcoming project? Or perhaps you have an unexpected gap in your team that needs filling? Cosec-on-demand can help.

You don’t need to worry about headcount or payroll. Our team falls OUTSIDE of IR35.

  • Team
  • Payroll
  • Headcount
> Your Project

We can help your financial services business with:

  • Misaligned meeting cycles
  • Challenges of overboarding
  • Board assurance frameworks
  • Enhancing the visibility of the governance team
  • High meeting volume – resulting in pinch points around drafting agenda and minutes
  • Clarity around delegation of authority
  • Governance framework – what can be managed within the business and what needs to go back up to the board.
  • Regulatory landscape – best practice around regulations like SMCR

You don’t need to worry about headcount or payroll. Our team falls OUTSIDE of IR35.

Our team have worked in, and lead the governance function for many institutions in the financial services industry – they know the regulations – they understand the compliance – they slot straight in and start working.

Our payroll

Our team support you outside of IR35. They are not part of your headcount or your payroll. We manage that, they just plug and play into your existing team.

We don’t take a percentage fee – this is not a recruitment proposition. Our team work on a project-by-project basis, and our fees are project based.

We do not charge on a hourly rate like a law firm, we charge to get the job done. Ask for a quote, or talk to a member of our team, you will be surprised how reasonable our fees are.


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