Awards Success in 2020

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Despite everything, 2020 has been a year of success at Beyond Governance

What a year 2020 has been! We hired our first two employees, launched our Indian business, established Beyond Training with full CPD accreditation and have been shortlisted for no fewer than 11 awards! We’ve been shortlisted for the SME National Business Awards, National Business Women’s Awards, Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards and SME News.

The most recent award being a shortlisting by our institute;The Chartered Governance Institute, for Service Provider of the Year 2020. While it is fantastic to be shortlisted for all our awards, when the judging panel are fellow Governance Professionals, and the competition are our direct competitors it takes the accolade to a new level.

We’ve been trading just over a year now and we’re so proud of all that we’re achieved. Together the Beyond Governance Team have pulled out all the stops to make it work, thank you! It takes courage and passion to set up a business and there will always be bumps along the road but it is a strong creative team who believe in the vision that make the achievement of anything possible.

So why is Beyond Governance succeeding? It’s because we put our employees first every time. We believe that ‘it’s not about doing more, its about working differently’. Everyone at Beyond Governance has flexibility over their working hours so long as all client deadlines are met. No longer is it the case that employees must choose between family, fun, friends and work; at Beyond Governance they coexist happily together.

We quickly adapted when the pandemic hit seeking new ways to support our employees with 1:1 psychotherapist wellness session for all. We provided all the necessary equipment our team needed to work safely and flexibly from home but just to be sure, everyone had a full home workstation audit carried out by an external third party.

We’ve had team fitness challenges to get us out in the fresh air and introduced our Monday morning ‘Power Half Hour’ to uplift and motivate us. We are achieving because our employees are happy.

Our team are united in our passion for governance, our creative approach to problem-solving and our entrepreneurial spirit. We don’t seek to change what works with your business health, we flex to suit existing company cultures whilst remaining true to our vision to bring the benefits of good governance to every boardroom regardless of its size.

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