When A Governance Review Boosts Your Potential To Grow…

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Our client, a successful building company was looking to expand the business, seek outside investment and then pursue an exit. We carried out our governance review to prevent any hiccups with investor due diligence checks, their expansion plans (an increased workforce and subsidiaries) and their business valuation on exit.

The health check was appropriate to the size of the business and pragmatic. Our RAG rated report set out a series of recommendations and an action plan. We identified several areas in which enhanced governance would bring cost and time savings to the business and where investors would expect higher levels of governance. We also provided feedback on the board composition, the most effective way to run board meetings, and identified that several legal filings had been overlooked by their lawyers.

Our Client, the Founder and MD, was impressed with our ability to introduce the optimum level of ‘big company’ governance to their business without losing their entrepreneurial spirit.

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Our 150+ years’ experience working in companies alongside very accomplished executives has taught us about culture, board dynamics and creative ways to navigate good business practices. We now support organisations to grow and flourish through appropriate and expected governance practices.

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