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The AGM is the cornerstone of your corporate calendar. It’s an opportunity for the board to share progress during the year and provide an update on future plans.  

We provide a full suite of AGM services from advice over the phone, to full end-to-end outsourcing of the event. We ensure better strategic decision making, more open dialogue with your stakeholders and shareholders and improved corporate governance.

We provide:

  • Draft legal and regulatory documentation 

  • Coordination of on-site arrangements 

  • Fully outsourced project management 

  • Hybrid in-person and virtual AGMs 

  • Stakeholder Q&A

We have managed over 100 AGMs. We believe our skill set makes us one of the most experienced teams available when it comes to AGMs.  We are adept in navigating through difficult situations such as significant drops in profitability and unpopular changes in policy. We also have experience managing disruptive AGMs with protestors, as well as dealing with the media attention that often follows these events. We are also happy to manage a straightforward AGM you just want to get off your ‘to do list’.

Our team has extensive experience across a variety of sectors in corporate reporting and the smooth and successful running of AGMs.

Having worked closely in-house with numerous finance and investor relations teams on the production and release of Annual Reports and Accounts, modern slavery statements, trading updates, preliminary results announcements and various other regulatory news announcements, the team has a strong understanding of the disclosure requirements needed to ensure that Corporate Reporting is fair, balanced, transparent and the perfect fit for your organisation.

Our wide-ranging AGM experience includes planning and holding both physical and hybrid meetings for multiple listed financial services firms, fast moving consumer goods companies (FMCG), LLPs and private companies and in our time, we have experienced working with strong minded chairs, handling protesters and disrupters, heightened investor interest following a reported takeover bid, technology failures as well as dealing with the media attention which can often follow these events.

Let our vastly experienced team support you in the considerable preparatory work required in the build up to the AGM right through to the holding of the meeting itself.

Featured Insights

FTSE Listed Company To Hold A Hybrid Meeting With Live Shareholder Q&A…

Our client, a listed financial services company, was due to hold their AGM in early May just as covid-19 struck. Throughout the year the company was in the media and the AGM always received publicity. Nerves were high and a spotlight was on the Deputy Company Secretary to deliver in this new legal environment. With the meeting date fast approached changes to the law were still unknown.

Our client, a London and New York Stock Exchange listed company, came to us after news became public that they had misled officials about the safety of one of their products. This resulted in the CEO being imprisoned in the US and fined USD six-figures.

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