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Beyond Governance is a multi award-winning full-service governance consultancy. We collaborate with the C-Suite, Governance Professionals, Non-Executive Directors, Investors and fellow Governance Professionals to enhance stakeholder confidence, strengthen organisational stability and drive sustainable growth with our pioneering governance solutions.

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How we can make a difference

Our approach to good governance enables your organisation to…

Enhance financial performance

Increase your profits, valuation and shareholder value, whilst reducing the risk of bankruptcy.

Efficient and effective board and management team

Achieve your goals, operate at an optimal level and create long-term value for all stakeholders.

Attract investment, innovate and grow

Maintain a competitive edge, raise finance more easily and expand and grow market share.

Protect brand and reputation

Increase trust, loyalty and awareness amongst stakeholders, attract and retain talent and enhance your resilience, transparency and compliance.

Create a positive and productive company culture

Increase employee engagement, cohesion, cooperation and satisfaction, support innovation and adaptability, and strengthen decision making and increase ethical conduct.

Avoid fines, sanctions, litigation and mitigate risk

Maintain stability and continuity of your operations without negative publicity, interruptions or legal action.

Who We Help


Cut organisational bureaucracy, retain your entrepreneurial culture whilst supporting compliance, delegate power without losing control, hire your first in-house governance professional and run a legally and ethically admired operation.

Chairs & Non-Executive Directors

Transform boardroom culture, take control of succession planning, streamline board meeting operations, gain clarity and direction with board evaluations and be independently assured the organisation remains compliant with its obligations.

Governance Professionals

Transform your governance with ex-in-house peers, gain support through external validation, create more time with an extra pair of hands, independently assess team performance and upskill team technical and soft skills.


(Private equity, HNW and Venture Capital)
Increase confidence in pre-investment due diligence, independently assess organisational compliance, identify costly bureaucracy and upgrade governance quickly creating value for your portfolio and more successful exists.

What is governance?

Good governance is the hallmark of a strong, effective and productive organisation. It has the power to transform an organisation’s culture and positively affect the output of every person within it.


Governance is the system of rules, procedures and processes that your organisation uses to direct and control its actions. It is visible to your employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders. Poor governance significantly increases the risk of corporate failure, reputational damage and bureaucracy.

Our governance Professionals

In uplifting your governance we share our knowledge to enable our clients to build for the future.

With over 175 years combined executive level experience our award-winning team quickly identify the root cause of an issue and implement bespoke solutions that work for your operations and culture. 

Erika Eliasson-Norris
Erika Eliasson-Norris LLM FCG
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Lisa Attenborough
Lisa Attenborough
Independent Chair
Andrew Harvey-Wrate
Andrew Harvey - Wrate FCG
Governance Director
John Davies
John Davies ACG
Governance Director
Juliet Dearlove
Juliet Dearlove LLB
Governance Director
Victoria Garvin
Victoria Garvin FCG
Governance Director
Lisa Keeling
Lisa Keeling ACG
Governance Adviser
Jonathan Saunders
Jonathan Saunders ACG
Governance Adviser

Our partnerships

We believe great brands should help one another, which is why we have partnered with some amazing people and companies who have a similar ethos and outlook on life as we do.

Our Award winning Services

We pride ourselves on our counsel and implementation but we provide the more ‘traditional’ company secretarial services too.

AGM Support

The Annual General Meeting with your owners, is mandatory for most organisations and stands as an opportunity to demonstrate transparency and good corporate governance.

Board Evaluation

Leadership set the tone and timbre which then permeates throughout the organisation. The governance framework acts as the blueprint for implementation.

Board Pack Efficiency

Board packs can become very cumbersome over time and a Director’s capacity is often limited and reviewing countless pages of peripheral material is not a good use of their time.

Coaching & Training

Our highly skilled team have acquired a wealth of knowledge over extensive careers, and are passionate about passing on their expertise and developing the next generation of senior professionals.

Code Benchmarking

The positive impact of good governance on performance, integrity and efficiency has led to governance codes for most specialist sectors in the UK.

Corporate Reporting

With reporting expectations growing year-on-year and investors demanding more. A clear investment case which includes a governance underpin is more important now than ever.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and investing is gathering increased momentum. ESG is the umbrella term for often purpose led, sustainable and responsible organisations.

Governance Framework

The long-term performance and success of an organisation is a direct result of its approach to leadership, management, and the culture; it’s people. The methodology under which these principles and rules exists, and are sculpted, is corporate governance.

Governance Health Check

Our business health check analyses the governance framework of an organisation to ensure it is robust, effective and efficient. No stone is left unturned.

Governance Projects

Whether you want to grow your business, secure investment, AIM/FTSE list or completely restructure; we provide the level of support your board and management team need, to ensure the right decisions are made at the right time.

Interim CoSec Support

There are c.10,000 qualified company secretaries in the UK, the demand outweighs the supply. At the time of writing we are facing economic uncertainty and unprecedent upheaval in the labour force.

Subsidiary Transformation

Subsidiaries can support expansion into new countries and markets and set the company up for future asset or business divestments without affecting the overall group.
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