The Time When You Need To Align Your ESG Investment Strategy With Your Internal Practices…

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Our client, a listed financial services company, was providing ESG focussed investments funds and felt that as a business they should be demonstrating the same standards as the funds in which they manage. They approached us as a pragmatic, commercially focussed partner; they couldn’t get this wrong.

We consulted with them, provided advice and guidance on current practises in their industry and what we would recommend. After the ‘ah ha’ moment in which they asked us when we could start, we drafted the documentation, discussed how best to launch the committees with the board and workforce to ensure strong buy-in.

Our client, the Global General Counsel and Company Secretary, was impressed with our ability to make the board’s decision to introduce both a board and management ESG committee both simple and stress-free. The Board of Directors were thrilled with the outcome as it bolstered their ESG strategy and through some modifications we made to their existing governance structure they were pleased with the resultant reduction in total annual meeting duration despite adding another board committee.

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Our 150+ years’ experience working in companies alongside very accomplished executives has taught us about culture, board dynamics and creative ways to navigate good business practices. We now support organisations to grow and flourish through appropriate and expected governance practices.

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