On-demand services

Secretariat teams available on a project-by-project basis – outside of IR35 – plug and play support

Our interim support service is now known as CoSec on-demand. Our new offering allows you to get Company Secretaries who are experienced and ready to join your team instantly – for as long or as little as you need them.  They fall outside of IR35 so you don’t have to worry about payroll or factoring. It is as easy as marking the time sheet. Whether you need somebody for a few hours or somebody for a regular long term arrangement, we can help. Some of our clients even add us to their risk register, so we can step in whenever they need at short notice. If you need extra help for specific projects or somebody to fill the gap whilst your new hire onboards – our team can help. 

Whether it is support with 10 meetings a year, or a governance team to come in and provide an independent review of your governance on a project basis, we can help.  After an initial conversation with one of our team we will match you with one of our in-house experts with the relevant industry experience to walk-in and hit the ground running.  You don’t need to worry about payroll. You don’t worry about headcount. We take care of all of that hassle, and send you one invoice once the project is completed.

Even though some of our team are lawyers, we won’t charge you like a law firm. No extravagant hourly rates, just a final figure for the completion of the project.  Tell us when you need somebody on-site, and our team member(s) will be there ready to start. They are all experienced governance professionals, so no need to onboard, no need for a ramp-up time. They know what to do. They have done it before for their entire career. They walk-in and are able to hit the ground running.

You don’t need to worry about headcount or payroll. Our team falls OUTSIDE of IR35.

Use Cases

  • Emergency cover 

  • Maternity/paternity/medical leave 

  • Interim cover – whilst a new starter joins – to cover any gaps from notice periods to start dates 

  • Corporate Reporting & AGM 

  • Business continuity planning – including risk registers

  • 3 / 5 / 10 / 50+ meetings a year

  • Project work
  • Governance framework
  • Entity management, software audits & rectification
  • Subsidiary / Entity rationalisation
  • ESG reports
  • Corporate reporting
  • Bespoke projects
  • Transactions – listings, mergers and acquisitions

Our Payroll

Our team support you outside of IR35. They are not part of your headcount or your payroll. We manage that, they just plug and play into your existing team.  We don’t take a percentage fee – this is not a recruitment proposition. Our team work on a project-by-project basis, and our fees are project based.


We do not charge on a hourly rate like a law firm, we charge to get the job done. Ask for a quote, or talk to a member of our team, you will be surprised how reasonable our fees are.

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