Executive compensation
& succession planning

Alignment of long range goals, dynamic executive compensation and talent management goals will elevate “compensation” to a strategic differentiator and a powerful advantage.

Our experienced team will help you with:

Succession planning

Generation AI

Executive compensation

A forward looking, horizon scanning approach, to ensuring alignment between executive and board committees and the mid-to-long term business strategy

As we enter the artificial intelligence revolution, our experts can help you with a strategy to ensure that not only are you able to capture this new talent pool, but your current workforce is up-skilled in how to use AI, and where AI can bring potential risks to your business’ ability to create value

A carefully managed compensation strategy to align business goals and long range executive decision making. From benchmarking, formulaic annual incentives, individual vs group to fixed vs variable incentives – all to ensure long term strategic decisions are made, as opposed to short term target attainment that does not support long-term sustainability

Featured Insights

Boardroom decisions can have broad ramifications, affecting shareholders, stakeholders, local communities, and wider society. To ensure effective decision-making, directors need to be mindful of their physical and mental health, and emotional capabilities.  Directors of most companies require a range of experiences, including knowledge of accountancy, law and governance practices. While technical skills and professional qualifications are important, they alone are not enough; attention needs to be paid to attitudes, behaviours, and one’s own emotional intelligence, or EQ.

You planted your acorn years ago, you’ve spent years caring for it and watching it grow and now your business is the mighty oak you always wanted it to be, so the question is, what’s next?

No-one really wants to see their life’s work vanish. Realistically, what are the different ways to step back

How To Motivate In A Downturn

Many Executives have had to make crucial decisions last year and have further hard decisions to make over the coming months. Many Boards would like to reward them for the additional stress that they have had to endure but the awarding Executives at this time will require careful consideration, particularly on how this compares to the wider workforce.

Boards that genuinely embrace their role as custodians of the organisation understand that CEO succession planning is their most critical strategic responsibility. Unfortunately, many boards fail to act upon this knowledge. A survey conducted by SHRM in 2021 revealed that 56% of companies do not have a succession plan in place. Of those that do, 24% admit their plans are only “informal.”

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