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As Individuals, and in the organisations we represent, we are all at our own stage in the journey towards sustainability. What is clear, is that we are all aligned in moving towards growth and profit, with sustainability, environment, bio-diversity, communities and culture (internal and external) as the value drivers in that growth. Energy and emissions targets to circular supply chains are only reached and maintained through full spectrum governance frameworks that ensure stakeholders are engaged and shareholders benefit from growing valuations.

Our experienced team will help you with:

Governance led ESG & sustainability

Community engagement

Circular operations

An ESG and sustainability approach anchored by a bullet proof governance strategy ensures that not only emissions targets are met and shareholders are happy but more importantly a positive meaningful impact is made on our planet

A framework to move from negotiation and conflict, to true engagement and buy-in with local communities that is reflected not only in annual reports but permeates throughout the local teams and their ongoing interactions within the local communities

Scalable models that ensure circular business models, that are broader than just supply chains, permeate through the business and its subsidiaries, whilst ensuring that mothership entity maintains a command and control structure over operations

Featured Insights

Sustainability - how do we achieve it through governance

The recent pandemic has only sharpened investor understanding of the unpredictability of risks that companies can face in any given year. These unexpected challenges have also highlighted how ESG preparedness has softened the blow for those organisations that were ahead of the curve on integrating sustainability risks into decision making and reporting on progress.

If given the choice between doing a positive action for the environment or one which is hugely detrimental, most of us would choose the former. Why then, is it so difficult for us to do the right thing?


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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) continues to dominate discussions in the world of finance and corporate governance. It has served as a compass for evaluating companies’ ethical and sustainability practices, gaining ground as investors increasingly factor them into their decision-making