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Subsidiary Governance

Leverage our solutions to establish a robust group structure encompassing subsidiaries, offering a multitude of advantages including asset protection and strategic expansion into new markets.

Leverage our solutions to establish a robust group structure encompassing subsidiaries, offering a multitude of advantages including asset protection and strategic expansion into new markets.

Most Corporate Failures

or scandals have been because there was a governance failure in a subsidiary and therefore subsidiary governance should be seen as part of risk management by mitigating any risks associated with a subsidiary.

For groups that have overseas subsidiaries this is especially relevant to mitigate risks.

Many governance professionals we have spoken to struggle with where to start with a governance framework therefore we can help in them having a framework which meets their needs as one size does not fit all.

Our services
We provide a range of services for UK entities and overseas organisations around the world, providing suitable subsidiary governance solutions for groups of any size.

  • Group structures – we can establish what your group structure is and what it looks like by delving into your company records and creating a visual representation. This can also highlight if there are companies or branches that you are not aware of. We can also advise on subsidiary rationalisation with regards to making efficiciencies
  • Health check – 3-way health check of UK and overseas subsidiaries which involves looking at a company’s statutory records, the in-country company trade register and the electronic records (database or excel) and highlighting gaps or discrepancies and then assist in fixing any issues.
  • Annual compliance calendar – to ensure that all subsidiaries remained in good standing we can prepare a calendar of all corporate governance filing requirements such as annual return filing deadlines and account filing deadlines.
  • Subsidiary governance framework – we can prepare a framework that would include categorising each of your subsidiaries to establish how often the board of directors meet, who should be the directors, what the board’s roles and responsibilities are and the board’s governance requirements.
  • Entity management systems – we can check and update company details and ensure that the records match with the local in country registry and this can also be performed as part of the health check or as a separate project. We have carried out an audit of a company’s electronic database for a client with Companies House, highlighted issues and made filing amendments and database amendments so both the records match exactly.
  • Delegated Authorities – for an effective governance framework, there should be a delegated authorities policy or schedule in place to ensure that everyone knows what they are able to approve and what needs escalating upwards. This would start with the matters reserved for the board and we would then assist in drafting the delegated authorities downwards, which would involve looking at policies and procedures that have been implemented. To accompany this there should be an authorised signatory schedule of who is authorised to sign on behalf of a company.
  • Third party rationalisationwe can help with rationalising the number of service providers you use and advise on the best way to manage third parties proving company secretariat support or advise on the best solution to manage the compliance obligation of your overseas entities.

Our specialised knowledge, in a real-life situation

Our client, a financial services company, with many subsidiaries requested our support to streamline administration and dissolve several subsidiaries that were no longer required.

We reviewed their group structure and identified additional companies that could be dissolved or consolidated to reduce the group structure further.

On the successful completion of the entity rationalisation project, we were asked to support with the digitisation of their entity management. This involved a tender process for their first digital entity managment system. We advised on the various options and price points and were able to approach suppliers on their behalf.

We supported in the data input which provided them with a fully digital, comprehensive subsidiary management system with no stress. The new software transformed their record keeping and document retention.

Our client, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), was inspired by the time and cost saving we brought to the organisation and asked us to carry out further work to identify other overlooked potential cost savings.

Our Experts

Andrew Harvey-Wrate FCG

Governance Director
Beyond Governance

Andrew has over 35+ years experience in Corporate Governance having held roles in various listed companies.Prior to joining Beyond Governance...

Lisa Keeling ACG

Governance Advisor
Beyond Governance

Lisa has over 11+ years company secretarial experience at FTSE listed companies.Lisa was Senior Company Secretarial Assistant at Close Brothers...

Victoria Garvin FCG

Governance Director
Beyond Governance

Victoria is a dynamic and versatile Governance Professional with over 20 years’ experience, primarily within the highly...

When we approached Beyond Governance, we’d already used another supplier who had put a very inexperienced person our our account to support us on our subsidiary governance work. This was not the case with Beyond Governance, their team had more years’ experience than our own. They were proactive in identifying cost savings and we quickly felt they were part of our own team. We could not recommend them enough; they’re true super stars.

Listed company CFO of 20 years

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