Establishing a group structure with subsidiaries can provide multiple benefits, such as protecting assets and expanding into new countries.

Good subsidiary governance is key to ensuring all the legal protections of limited liability remain in place should litigation arise. Without a good governance framework group structures can be treated by the courts as one single entity which would result in losses of financial security and risk protections. 


Consequently, it is imperative that subsidiary directors understand their duty of care when joining these structures and take appropriate actions to implement suitable subsidiary governance frameworks.

Our expertise

Our experienced team of Governance Professionals have all held complex in-house roles totalling 150+ years. 


We are uniquely positioned to assist parent company boards, subsidiary directors, and fellow Governance Professionals and Company Secretaries with the difficult decisions regarding their structural setup.

Our Subsidiary Transformation Team.

Our Services

We provide a broad range of subsidiary services for UK registered entities and organisations around the world. From creating suitable subsidiary governance structures to managing 1,000 entities across 42 countries, all the way through to restructuring businesses with 40 subsidiaries down into only five – we can do it all.

Our team is prepared to intervene at whatever scale you require: whether just a few hours or an extended transformation project that may need numerous stages over many years – our expertise will get your organisation on track.


We also support clients in areas such as establishing their first group structure, dissolving/liquidating entities, transitioning statutory registers onto digital platforms, providing legal documentation like constitutional documents and tackling tax residency issues for subsidiaries.

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How to handle Subsidiary Governance

Many companies concentrate their efforts on parent company governance and ignore the subsidiaries within the group. For international groups governance can be highly complex with


Reviewing your Articles of Association

The articles of association (“Articles”) are the governing rule book of the Company. A regular review of your company’s Articles ensures that they contain the

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