Directors' Duties:
The Role of the Board

3 hours

As part of our course we will explore the role of the board, looking at the legal and regulatory framework that sets out the duties and liabilities for a director appointed to a UK incorporated legal entity.  

We will focus on the distinction between the board and management and the importance that governance plays in supporting a director to discharge those duties.  

Following our course you will be able to confidently understand what governance processes and procedures you need in place within your organisation to support your role on the board.  

Topics to be covered:

Roles and responsibilities

  • the distinction between board members who provide oversight and develop the strategy v management who are managing the day to day running of the organisation and hold operational roles.
  • the board’s role with respect to strategy setting
  • how board members might need to balance completing interests
  • the distinction between the various roles on the board (Chair, SID, INED, Executives)


  • why is it important?
  • the value of having an embedded framework, clearly articulated and understood across the business.

Board Effectiveness - what makes an effective board

  • Board effectiveness
  • Boardroom dynamics
  • Oversight and operational elements of an effective governance framework (effectively challenge how the organisation is being run) 

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