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A preventive medicine approach to analysing your organisation and identifying weakness and indicators of poor governance. Poor governance being the root cause of corporate scandal and collapse. No stone is left unturned.

We provide a review to identify weak governance practices in seven key areas, but also help you maximise the benefits of good governance. We also benchmark your practices against market best practice, competitors and your organisations values and culture.

At the end of each audit, we provide a RAG ( red, amber and green) rated report with next steps identified. We then either leave our report with your company secretarial / governance team to address the gaps or assist in implementation and embedding of change.

Our audits are always pragmatic and if implemented correctly, take your organisation to the next level, particularly those looking to scale quickly.

Our reviews improve your:

  • Performance and profitability (shareholder value)
  • Board and management decision making and accountability
  • Reputation and investor confidence
  • Efficiency and risk management
  • Culture, employee satisfaction and retention
  • Innovation and growth

Featured Insights

Stepping into the world of charity governance, we embarked on a transformative journey with a well-know charity.  At the outset, we were brought in to support on the governance framework however upon inspection and evaluation we identified their plans for improving their framework were not realistic to achieve the outcome that they wanted.  With their support we re-wrote the entire project to deliver an entirely new framework

While it is true that directors are often concerned with factors such as their reputation, salary, and financial performance, it is an oversimplification to say that these are their sole concerns. Directors have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the company and its shareholders, which goes beyond personal gains and includes considerations of long-term sustainability, ethical behaviour, and corporate governance. Whist some may argue that directors remain self-interested, it can be shown that this is no way to build and grow a successful organisation.

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