Emergency cover
Medical / Paternity
/ Maternity leave

Things don’t always go to plan.  Sometimes, real-life gets in the way, and your team aren’t available.  It leaves you in a difficult position, you are a responsible employer, so you need to give people time, however work doesn’t stop.

Maybe a member of your team is expecting a new born, or perhaps they needed some unplanned medical treatment.  How do you keep your business moving forward, whilst you wait for the return of your team member.  You can’t hire a permanent member of staff, and by the time you go to a recruitment agency and they advertise, hire and onboard, it will be to late.

This is where we can help.  Our team of experienced CoSecs can join your team immediately.  No ramp up time.  No onboarding.  Just plug and play. 

They have worked across all industries, especially the highly regulated financial and insurance industry, in various Secretariat roles, and can walk straight into your team.

We are outside IR35 so we are outside of staffing spend. 

Featured Insights

Our client, an international investment management firm, required temporary company secretarial governance support while a member of their team was absent for an extended period and a new team member was being onboarded.

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