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The board is the single most critical factor of an organisation’s success. It sets the tone and culture that permeates throughout the organisation, while providing strategic direction to drive performance in line with market trends.

The board is the single most critical factor of an organisation’s success. It sets the tone and culture that permeates throughout the organisation, while providing strategic direction to drive performance in line with market trends.

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To ensure optimal effectiveness, boards should periodically review their performance, processes and seek continuous improvement. The annual board effectiveness review provides the space for reflection on existing practices.

Our Expertise 

Our team of experienced professionals have seen it all – from corporate fraud to internal power struggles. With over 150+ years combined experience, we bring a well-rounded perspective when conducting evaluations and assessing boardroom dynamics. 

 Whether it’s navigating an immediate CEO removal, mediating between the Board and management through fractious relations, or exploring succession planning options – we have approached these sensitive issues many times before and produced positive outcomes for organisations of all sizes and at all stages of their evolution. 

Our Services 

Our board effectiveness reviews align with your organisation’s culture. We support on internal self-evaluation processes and full external independent board evaluations. Our reviews often examine the structure of your board, boardroom dynamics, governance procedures, relations with management, reporting protocols and risk management processes. 

Our experience enables us to pinpoint the root cause of board issues quickly. We specialise in making effective boards even better by distilling our wisdom into tangible actions that correspond with Beyond Governance’s “true success factors”. 

Our broader advisory and consulting business means that we are clearly focussed on managing any potential conflicts of interest that might arise from this board evaluation process.  We have implemented processes and procedures to ensure integrity and impartiality remains in place so that you can be assured that your review remains independent.  

Our Approach 

We tailor your review to suit your board’s individual needs.  As part of our engagement, we will assess and agree with you the approach to be taken.  

Our reviews can be carried out in two different forms:  

Survey based review:  for this type of review, we will design a questionnaire for completion by your board and key senior members of management. The questionnaire will focus on key areas of oversight by the board and is intended to draw out how the board work together to discharge their duties.  

Interview based review:  our interview-based review extends the above review through a 1:1 engagement session with each board member, with focus on board performance, collaboration within the board and those all-important dynamics that drive performance and effectiveness.    

Once completed we will analysis the results and provide a report with key outcomes and proposed actions and next steps.   

Any client disclosures relating to our review to be agreed prior to publication.  

All our reviews are confidential, and the anonymity of participants is a cornerstone of an effective review.  Participants are able to openly share their views and perspectives on the performance of the board, supporting the collegiate nature of a board in its role leading your organisation.   

As part of our review process, we remain available to your board for a period of up to 12 months to support with the implementation of any outcomes arising from the review.   

Our specialised knowledge, in a real-life situation

Our client, a listed financial services company, had been struggling with duplicate papers and voluminous board packs.

Boardroom decisions were disjointed and ineffective with discussions taking place outside of meetings and meetings being used for legal documentary purposes only. The Board of Directors and Management wanted to spend less time drafting and reading papers and more time making better informed decisions in meetings.

We restructured the agendas, board packs and improved the reporting flow, which increased efficiency and reduced the board packs by 75%. As a result of our work Board discussions were elevated to focus on strategy. We also reviewd the historic board packs, agendas and meeting minutes to ensure everything was legally documented.

The Chair and Board of Directors were delighted with our ability to strip back unnecessary bureaucracy, enhance reporting and refocus their board meetings on the topics for growth and long-term success.

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“From the start Beyond Governance’s recommendations enabled governance to begin to flow again and decision-making became easier to a level we did not appreciate was possible. Streamlined board and committee papers and packs make meetings more productive and succinct. We now have forward planners embedded in our process, giving clearer visibility on future activites and agenda planning. As a result of the recommendations and implementation Beyond Governance brought, we have transformed our ways of working, opened my eyes to what is possible (I can’t believe we didn’t do this years ago) and brought clarity and efficiency to our board and governance practices.”

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