Mergers &
acquisitions advisory

A key route to ensuring lasting value and growth is a strategic global expansion strategy.  A blueprint that proactively identifies opportunities in advance, coupled with a reliable acquisition framework is key in navigating through the potentially murky waters of cross-border acquisition, and regulatory minefields.  A logical extension of your growth strategy, our mergers and acquisitions team can help you with target identification, a strategic investment framework, performance enhancement strategies as well as risk management. 

Our experienced team will help you with:

Due diligence



An analytical, fact-based approach that removes emotional decision making and helps uncover synergies, as well as access points for integration.

Our background in corporate governance, allows us to build out an individual methodology for you that allows seamless integration maximising synergies whilst minimising risk and loss of value.

Maximise potential returns, by using our frameworks to optimise the asset for sale. Our experience in working with executive teams and boardrooms allows us to tactically execute a carve-out program, whilst structuring the remaining asset for post transaction success

Featured Insights

We are living in an increasingly turbulent world. Businesses and society are faced with increasing levels of uncertainly, be it the cost-of-living crisis, war in Ukraine, climate change or other geopolitical, social, economic uncertainties.  Many companies have had their business model upended due to structural changes in customer and employee behaviour, supply chain disruption or new ways of working. These are challenging times for boards and CFOs will be at the heart of conducting the required transformation.  The role of the CFO has always been centre stage when it comes to not just good financial management, but good governance, and this guide is a timely addition to the resources avail- able to CFOs and other board directors.

The board of any company about to embark on a major transformation or project always needs to do one thing: prepare. Doing anything new or different automatically involves uncertainty or ‘risk’. However, risk is something we all live with and manage every day of our lives. In business it is how this uncertainty is managed or mitigated against that is key. In this article we focus on planning for an IPO and provide some ideas on mitigating the associated risks.

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