The AGM Where The CEO Is In Prison….

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Our client, a London and New York Stock Exchange listed company, came to us after news became public that they had misled officials about the safety of one of their products. This resulted in the CEO being imprisoned in the US and fined $six-figures.

The AGM was fast approaching and the company’s two largest proxy advisers, had recommended investors to vote against the company’s remuneration/pay report at its forthcoming AGM. The board were concerned about the reputational damage, additional media attention and disruption they may face at the AGM.

We came in, worked with the team, advised on the best approach for delivery, agreed on a hybrid AGM, and project managed the meeting and all necessary documents and filings from start to finish.

The Chair and board were delighted with the delivery of the meeting and disruptions were sensitively suppressed. The Head of Governance/Group Company Secretary commended us on our extensive expertise, stress reducing delivery, ability to fit in like actual team members and our proactive approach which quickly gave comfort that we would work autonomously.

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