When Your Governance Framework Needs An Upgrade…

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Our client, a large private financial services corporation, needed a fresh perspective on their governance framework. We started with open conversations with the board and management to identify their ideal framework.

We improved their governance processes, practices and procedures in line with their culture which we had deduced from open conversations. Our work supported the board to oversee the embeddedness of the governance framework. This helped the business streamline its reporting and introduce a new model to support management governance.

The CEO was impressed with our holistic approach and how we considered all aspects of the business and its culture. The Board of Directors were encouraged by our pragmatic approach to build good governance rather than bureaucracy.

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Our 150+ years’ experience working in companies alongside very accomplished executives has taught us about culture, board dynamics and creative ways to navigate good business practices. We now support organisations to grow and flourish through appropriate and expected governance practices.

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