The Time When Extra Support Is Needed To Get The Annual Report Finished…

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Our client, a listed company, asked us to help refresh and enhance the narrative section of its annual report. Disclosures in previous years had been light but following considerable growth the board had decided more transparency would be provided.

We carried out a gap analysis between the previous year’s annual report, competitor reporting, industry standards and best practise. We drafted the additional material considering their key proxy voting analysts and the latest legal and corporate governance guidelines.

With our help, the company was able to talk about key areas of focus for investors such as remuneration, workforce engagement and employee wellbeing in a more structured and clear way. We strengthened their annual report by including additional disclosures on the work they were already doing.

Our client, the CFO, was impressed with our ability to write in the voice of the company, pitch the level of disclosure correctly and strengthen their reporting with only minor changes to their ways of working.

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