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Board Evaluation

The board is the single most critical factor of an organisation’s success

The board is the single most critical factor of an organisation’s success

We provide

annual board evaluations that support optimal board effectiveness, and provide space for reflection on exisiting performance and practices.

Our board effectiveness reviews align with your organisation’s culture. We support on internal self-evaluation proesses and full external board independent board evaluations. Our reviews often examine the structure of your boardroom dynamics, governance procedures, relations with management, reporting protocols and risk management processes.

Our experience enables us to pinpoint the root cause of board issues quickly. We specialise in making effective boards even better by distilling our wisdom into tangible actions.

Our team of experienced professionals have seen it all – from corporate fraud to internal power struggles. With over 175+ years combined experience, we bring a well-rounded perspective when conducting evaluations and assessing boardroom dynamics.

Whether it’s navigating an immediate CEO removal, mediating between the Board and management through fractious relations, or exploring succession planning options – we have navigated these sensitive issues many times before and produced positive outcomes for organisations of all sizes and all stages of their evolution.

Our specialised knowledge, in a real-life situation

Our client, a listed software company, needed to complete their annual board effectiveness review but had not been required to hold on in several years.

The company had recently voluntarily adopted the UK Corporate Governance Code requirements as it aigned with their culture and aspirations to grow.

We were requested to carry out a desktop-effectiveness review. We developed a set of questionnaires for the board and its committees’ and aligning questions with their previous effectiveness review and action plan. Our results built on the previous reviww and provided a useful progress update.

We identified several actoins that the board could review and address to enhance their performance further. We were asked to assist with the implementation of these as they did no have an appropriately qualified individual in their company.

The Chair and the CEO commended us on our sensitive approach and the manned in which we got the board actively engaged in the process and motivated to make change.

Our Experts

Victoria Garvin FCG

Governance Director
Beyond Governance

Victoria is a dynamic and versatile Governance Professional with over 20 years’ experience, primarily within the highly...

Juliet Dearlove LLB

Governance Director
Beyond Governance

Juliet is a qualified solicitor and member of the law society, and holds over 25+ years of experience in Governance.

“The team at Beyond Governance conducted a Board evaluation and worked with the Vice-Chair on chair appraisal. The outcome of these enabled further, board-led, improvements. For example, a new training programme was introduced, strategy conversations were elevated and amplified, and the quality of board and management interactions deeepend resulting in enhanced challenge; we have a much stronger team dynamic as a result.
The Board and I would not hesitate to recommend Beyond Governance for a thorough, sensitive review which supports our future plans.”

Managing Director and Big 4 Corporate Transaction expert of 30 years

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