Heather Laxton - LL.M, FCG

Governance Consultant

Heather is an agile and diligent Governance Professional with over 20 years of international company secretarial practice primarily in the tightly regulated mining sector with various Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX-Venture Exchange, New York Stock Exchange and London AIM listed companies.

Governance Gap Analysis, Co-Sec on Demand, Governance Projects, Governance Frameworks, Coaching and Training


Having had experience of working in many different sectors and types of organisation, John has been able to apply this knowledge to support a high profile public inquiry.  John has been involved in the preparation of numerous annual reports, providing narrative content, best practice reviews and the incorporation of proxy voting agency recommendations for FTSE-250 and AIM listed companies.  He has also edited and project managed the process and due to his exposure to, and support of, many Audit Committees, he is acutely aware of the importance of the annual report. 

John has helped several companies take stock and prepare for the next phase in their development by providing clear, understandable, practical and appropriate solutions to the governance challenges they face.

Heather has worked with:

Service Areas

Governance Gap Analysis

Heather excels in meticulously evaluating organizational structures to identify areas for governance program enhancement and compliance optimization. Leveraging her keen eye for detail, she facilitates comprehensive assessments that pinpoint gaps and inefficiencies, uncover potential risks and make recommendations to align governance practices with industry standards.

Co-Sec on Demand

Bringing over two decades of company secretarial experience with organizations spanning the globe, Heather offers agile and efficient interim support. She is able to seamlessly step into the role, allowing organizations access to the expertise needed precisely when it is needed.

Governance Projects

With an extensive background in leading governance projects, Heather brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her approach is marked by diligent planning and a commitment to excellence. She has a proven track record of guiding organizations through complex governance situations, including shareholder activism and proxy contests. Whether it’s enhancing board effectiveness, strengthening risk management protocols or fostering a culture of governance, her proficiency lies in tailored solutions that drive success and provide organizations with the tools, expertise and leadership needed to navigate governance challenges with confidence.

Governance Frameworks

Heather specializes in crafting strategic structures that align seamlessly with organizational objectives. With a meticulous understanding of regulatory landscapes and industry best practices, she brings a comprehensive approach to designing governance frameworks that ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance. By tailoring governance solutions to the unique needs of each organization, Heather helps her clients foster a culture of effective decision-making and risk management and empower businesses to navigate complexities and establish robust governance frameworks that stand the test of scrutiny and promote sustainable success.

Coaching and Training

With a proven track record in training and coaching, Heather brings a wealth of expertise to help individuals and teams unlock their full potential in the boardroom. Her keen ability to tailor coaching sessions to individual needs combined with years of training experience empowers her clients to achieve their goals. As a member of the Education Committee with the Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC), Heather helped develop the curriculum for the Governance in Practice Education Program, and she continues to be a member of faculty with the Governance Professionals of Canada as well as with the Caribbean Governance Training Institute and Crown Agents. 

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