Season 2 of the Beyond Governance Podcast: Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity or DEI is currently one of the most talked about business and social discussion points. Various reports and publications have recently established the directly proportional relation of diversity, equity and inclusion to a company’s success and innovation.

In the next 9 episodes of our podcast, Beyond Governance  are speaking with a range of experts as we share their insights on various initiatives being taken to make various sectors such as sports, finance, investment, and sales more inclusive.

Dr. Mandeep Rai, Author of The Values Compass. The Investment industry has researched diverse backgrounds and how they contribute to a larger variety of perspectives, which ultimately increase the quality of investment decision-making. We also discuss this topic in detail with Alpesh Patel, Co-Founder of the UK Chapter of and an award-winning hedge fund manager. Some women set examples by breaking the glass ceiling and one such guest is Claire Noyce, CEO of Hybridan and the only woman to start up a stockbroking firm in London. Claire helps to demystify the issues of DEI in the large cap when compared with small cap companies. We also bring to you the journey of Denise Wilson, the Chief Executive of Hampton-Alexander Review, and look at the way forward and the positive steps required towards achieving the ideal corporate world.

Professor Laura McAllister, Associations (UEFA) position on FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) Council shares her experience and opinions on making football for all a reality and how diversity can act as a catalyst in efficient decision making. Also, Vikram Banerjee, Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) explains the fundamentals of diversity up the chain through the inspiring generation plan of the board and the vision for an inclusive environment for cricket.

We also hear from Maureen Beresford, Head of Corporate Governance at Financial Reporting Council about how the regulator and the UK Corporate Governance Code is mandating diversity across boards and helping cultivate an inclusive culture across corporates. Nicci Take, Head of Growth/Sales for Mercer Wealth UK, shares insights on gender diversity. Mandeep Kaur Moore, Advisor & Steering Committee Member to the Greater London Authority shares a policy level view on DEI.

There is no doubt that with the targeted approach, a stronger supply than ever of experienced diverse leaders are starting to come through with a new career path and opportunities for senior roles. But sustained efforts in addressing behaviour and creating inclusive cultures and developing the right policies which boost diversity, equity and inclusivity is long overdue.

Our ambition for season 2 is to start a dialogue about the importance of DEI in business, culture and society.


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