The Time When You Need To Embed Your First Entity Management Database…

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Our client, a property/real estate company, with many subsidiaries requested our support to streamline subsidiary administration and dissolve several subsidiaries that were no longer required. We reviewed their group structure and identified additional companies that could be dissolved or consolidated to reduce the group structure further.

On the successful completion of the entity rationalisation project, we were asked to support with the digitisation of their entity management. This involved a tender process for their first digital entity management system. We provided independent advice on the various options and price points and were able to approach suppliers without the client’s name being used, which avoided unwanted sales calls.

We supported in the data inputting which provided them with a fully digital, comprehensive subsidiary management system with no stress. The new software transformed their record keeping and document retention.
Our client, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), was inspired by the time and cost saving we brought to the organisation and asked us to carry out further work to identify other overlooked potential cost savings.

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Our 150+ years’ experience working in companies alongside very accomplished executives has taught us about culture, board dynamics and creative ways to navigate good business practices. We now support organisations to grow and flourish through appropriate and expected governance practices.

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