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Our Marketing Executive, Hayley Goodhew, has always been passionate about wellbeing and mental health. While we were very busy during World Wellbeing Week, we didn’t have a chance to properly promote it among staff and encourage everyone to take time for themselves. After a hectic couple of weeks, it’s all the more important to take some time to ourselves to make sure we are prioritising our wellbeing in and out of work. Hayley has put together a Wellbeing Toolkit of useful information to be able to tap into. Using some of these tools, you can make the most of taking time for yourself in the best environment possible.

Get Outside and Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to help your mental health and increase your sense of wellbeing, especially if that can be combined with spending time in nature.

Park Run

Park Run is an amazing organisation that has a 5K park run in every town/city every Saturday morning at 9am across the country, I have included their website for more info.. It is very well organised, runs on volunteers, has a great community of people and emails you after the event with all your running race stats from that day – it is also entirely free!

Find your local Park Run

Accessible Walks in London

Planning a walk in London can be challenging if you need to avoid steps and difficult terrain. MyLondon have put together a list of walks perfect for anyone with mobility issues.

Discover step-free London walks

Free Workout Videos

The NHS have put together some free online exercise videos that everyone can access to start their journey to better fitness.

Find Free NHS Online Exercise Videos

Clean Air

Fresh, clean air is vital for enjoying the great outdoors. If the only opportunity you get during the working week for fresh air your commute through London, finding routes with lower pollution levels should be a high priority.

Avoid Air Pollution in London

The Cleaner Air Better Business (CABB) project has created an interactive map of London that allows you to plan a low pollution walking route through London.

Plan your clean air route

Wellbeing Walk

Euston Road has high levels of pollution, so Urban Partners are encouraging an alternate walking route to avoid it. This route, for the Euston, Kings Cross and St Pancras area, has at least 50% less pollution for walkers and cyclists, is well sign posted and only takes 10 minutes.

Choose the Wellbeing Walk

Be Safe While Working

Whether working in the office or at home, workplace risk assessments are important to make sure employees are safe from accidents and injury.

Worksafe Risk Assessment

We have had a fantastic experience using Worksafe for all Beyond Governance employees when they join and at required intervals throughout their employment. Worksafe complete working environment risk assessments so you can be confident that your staff’s wellbeing is a priority.

Set Up Workplace Risk Assessments

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