Alina Vasiliuk

Alina is diligent and driven Governance Professional with 6 years experience in Banking, Analytics and Governance Solutions Services. 
Prior to joining us, Alina held Company Secretarial Assistant positions at Metro Bank PLC, a retail and commercial bank operating in the United Kingdom, listed on London Stock Exchange and RELX plc, a global provider of information-based analytics listed on London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange and Euronext (Amsterdam). Prior to this, she held a Board Support role at Waystone, a leading provider of institutional governance, risk and compliance services to the asset management industry.
Alina studied LLB and LLM in Law, International Relations and Corporate Governance at University of Portsmouth. 

AGM Support, Board and Committee Support, Subsidiary Governance, Share Scheme Administration


Alina has diverse experience in FTSE listed companies with expertise in a wide variety of company secretarial duties within the fast-moving banking and analytics industries.

Alina has worked with:

Service Areas

AGM Support

Alina has offered extensive support to FTSE-listed companies in the planning and organisation of General Meetings and Annual General Meetings. Her expertise has been instrumental in ensuring these events run smoothly and comply with all necessary regulations.

Board and Committee Support

Alina has been responsible for the production and distribution of Board and Committee packs and assisting in navigating the meetings. She ensured all materials are accurate, distributed on time and presenters were informed of the meeting procedures, facilitating effective decision-making processes.

Subsidiary Governance

Alina has substantial experience managing a large number of subsidiary companies. She ensures compliance with Companies House filing requirements and maintains statutory registers. Additionally, she assisted with the process of striking off subsidiary companies, ensuring that all legal and procedural aspects are handled efficiently.

Share Scheme Administration

Alina has managed the administration of share allotments under the Save As You Earn (SAYE) scheme.

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