The Time When You Need Seamless Support And A Handover To Your New Permanent Hire…

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Our client, a large private financial services group, needed an interim solution that ensured stability within their team whilst they hired an additional team member.

As part of our interim solution, we were able to provide independent perspectives to help the business develop and evolve their existing governance framework and offer tailored solutions to improve governance processes, practices and procedures.

We introduced new ways of working that enhanced the board reporting cycle and board and committee reporting, including the development of an annual governance report that supported the board’s oversight of the embeddedness of the governance framework. This helped the business streamline its reporting and introduce a new model to support management governance.

Our client, the Group Company Secretary, was overjoyed with our work and extended our contract so that we could provide an induction, training and handover the work we had been doing to their new hire. Since the contract has concluded we have been retained for an ongoing governance project and to provide ad hoc advice over the telephone.

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Our 150+ years’ experience working in companies alongside very accomplished executives has taught us about culture, board dynamics and creative ways to navigate good business practices. We now support organisations to grow and flourish through appropriate and expected governance practices.

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