Andrew Harvey-Wrate FCG

Governance Director

Andrew is a flexible and up-front Governance Professional with over 35 years’ experience in Aerospace and Defence, Financial Services and Commercial Real Estate in various FTSE listed companies as well as in Charity.

Andrew worked at Persimmon plc where he was Deputy Company Secretary and acted as board secretary to the Pension Scheme. He reviewed the terms of reference of their board committees and drafted sections of the annual report and oversaw the successful launch of the all employee sharesave scheme.

B-Corp, CoSec On-Demand, Governance Projects, Coaching & Training, Subsidiary Governance


He previously worked at Provident Financial plc (now Vanquis Banking Group) as Interim Assistant Company Secretary. He led a project to develop a delegated authorities manual, developed forward agendas for certain of its subsidiary boards and committees and assisted in a gap analysis of the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code. He also acted as secretary to the audit, risk and remuneration committee.

Worked at International Personal Finance plc as interim Deputy Company Secretary and acted as secretary to the Risk Advisory Group. He led the project to develop their delegated authorities, assisted in a board evaluation, drafted sections of the annual report and AGM documentation.

He was Assistant Company Secretary at Rolls-Royce plc responsible for developing a risk based approach to their subsidiary governance policy and played a key role in developing a web based app for their delegated authorities. He was secretary for a number of their UK based subsidiaries and joint ventures, had a lead role in entity rationalisation, developed subsidiary director training and induction programme, and was responsible for managing their outsourced compliance programme. He was also responsible for drafting sections of their Annual Report including the Remuneration Report.

Andrew has worked with:

Service Areas

B Corp

Andrew has provided advice to various companies on what the requirements are for achieving B Corp certification. He has also worked on the recertification for Beyond Governance to be recertified as a B Corp.

Subsidiary Governance

Andrew is an expert in subsidiary governance having designed and developed a framework for implementation on a global basis for a FTSE100 company which included bespoke training for newly appointed directors. He was a main member of the project team for their major entity rationalisation programme.
He has worked with a FTSE 250 fintech company to improve their subsidiary governance including auditing of their company database and has supported a US listed facilities management company with subsidiary compliance for their EMEA region.

Governance Projects

Andrew carried out a review of the governance team structure of a pensions partnership which involved interviewing the team and compiling a report on his findings with a choice of recommendations for the team structure going forwards and one of his recommendations was implemented. He also has worked with an organisation to help them with subsidiary formations and what is required to keep them in good standing once incorporated and with regards to director recruitment.

CoSec On-Demand

Andrew since joining Beyond Governance has supported a variety of clients, a large US listed company, FTSE250 fintech company to a large UK charity to fill-short term roles. He has previously held interim roles with a FTSE250 financial services company assisting with governance projects included delegated authorities, governance code gap analysis and supporting the board and committees of one of their major subsidiaries. He also assisted a listed financial services company implementing a delegated authorities policy and providing board and committee support.

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