AI and Corporate Governance

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction Are we taking AI seriously enough in considering its impact on corporate governance?  It would be easy to miss the additional question which has appeared at the end of the current Corporate Governance Code (the Code) consultation.  Where did it come from and who is thinking about it? As a reminder, the question is: […]

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Manchester City: Winning, but at what cost?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Manchester City FC’s Crisis: Financial Irregularities, Governance Issues, and the Implications for Football Introduction Manchester City FC, a club revered worldwide, has been enmeshed in a web of controversies and governance crises. In the last decade, the club’s conduct, especially concerning financial matters, has come under intense scrutiny. Ranging from financial fair play (FFP) violations

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AI – A governance nightmare waiting to happen?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Assessing ChatGTP’s response to ‘What is Corporate Governance’ “Corporate governance is a term used to describe the systems, processes, and principles that govern the management of a company. It is a critical component of modern business practice and is designed to balance the interests of a company’s stakeholders and promote accountability, transparency, and fairness. The

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The CEO With Blood On Their Hands?

Reading Time: 5 minutes The real cause of the Theranos collapse – it’s not what you might think In January 2022, Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos, was found guilty on four charges of defrauding investors, and now faces up to 20 years in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for late September 2022. John Carreyrou, a reporter at The

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Wellbeing Toolkit

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our Marketing Executive, Hayley Goodhew, has always been passionate about wellbeing and mental health. While we were very busy during World Wellbeing Week, we didn’t have a chance to properly promote it among staff and encourage everyone to take time for themselves. After a hectic couple of weeks, it’s all the more important to take

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‘It’s OK to be you’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Self reflections from Erika Percival, entrepreneur and founder of Beyond Governance. Life teaches you lessons that help you grow if you’re receptive to learning; I truly believe that. That said, I also think that the exact same situation creates different lessons for everyone regardless of your gender, age, race or background. I have experienced the

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