The Time When An Interim Board Effectiveness Review Was Needed…

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Our client, a large international private group, which had recently been through a significant number of changes to their leadership, asked us to support them with a board effectiveness review. The client did not need to follow the requirements of a specific governance code but chose to aligns with the UK Corporate Governance Code as this supported their values of best practice governance.

We advised the client that from a timing perspective, it might not be appropriate to conduct a full review as they were in the process of recruiting a new NED and the Chair and CEO had not been in place long. We suggested and designed a short form questionnaire that sense checked where the board felt they were.

This interim review gave them a midterm review before undertaking a more formal evaluation. We identified several actions for the board to consider to enhance their performance further.

The Chair and CEO were appreciative of our pragmatic approach and the midterm action plan they could utilise to set themselves up for the year ahead.

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