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Building an agile work environment

Reading Time: 2 minutes How do you provide oversight while not being in a business full time? Five months in and a generation of business leaders have experienced new levels of career highs and lows. The most successful leaders have tapped into their resilience and creativity reserveslike never before adjusting their strategy so that business health is ready for the changing

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‘It’s OK to be you’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Self reflections from Erika Percival, entrepreneur and founder of Beyond Governance. Life teaches you lessons that help you grow if you’re receptive to learning; I truly believe that. That said, I also think that the exact same situation creates different lessons for everyone regardless of your gender, age, race or background. I have experienced the

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An Invite to the House of Lords – Culture is everyone\’s business

Reading Time: 3 minutes “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” and “culture eats strategy for breakfast” – the two quotes used to open the debate I was invited to attend last week at the House of Lords. As an expert in corporate governance, I had been invited, along with representatives from FTSE 350 companies, to help the Lords identify

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