The Time When You Need To Upskill Volunteers On Minute Taking…

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Our client, a national sports organisation, asked us to run an on-site minute writing masterclass. Their 15 attendees had a mixture of experience and held various roles. Given that minute taking is a practical skill, and we would be knowledge sharing our experience of thousands of meetings, we agreed to run the course as a face-to-face workshop.

On the day of the masterclass, we met with the client lead ahead of time to discuss the approach and to make any last-minute revisions, of which there were a few. The morning session dealt with the theory whilst the afternoon was more practical as people became more relaxed with us and each other.

We designed and delivered the course with sensitivity to the fact that many of the minute takers were volunteers and had not met each other before.

Our client was delighted with our adaptability on the day and culture conscious approach. All delegates commented on how much they enjoyed the collaborative sessions and how they were made to feel at ease.

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